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The Wype

The Wype is your personal desktop snack rag, specially designed to keep your hands and fingers clean as you snack at your computer!

Amazing Benefits

  • Keep Your Workspace Clean

    Whether at the office or at home, The Wype lets you enjoy your favorite snacks while keeping your workstation clean.

  • Antimicrobial

    The Wype is treated with an antimicrobial coating, keep your hands and electronics clean and germ free

  • Washable

    Each Wype comes with 3 washable and reusable covers


How well does The Wype actually work?

Our specially patented microfiber design cleans your hands and fingers better than the average heavy-duty napkin, paper towel, or your pants.

What color will my Wype be?

Each Wype Base is black. The color of each Wype Cover depends on how much money we raise - the more money we raise, the more colors you get to choose! See the main project page for details. 

How long does the antimicrobial coating last?

The antimicrobial coating lasts about 5 washes. BUT if we raise $30,000, not only will all 3 Wype Covers be colors chosen by you, our backers, we will have a large enough order to have each Wype Cover made PERMANENTLY antimicrobial! 

Will The Wype slide around on my desk?

No! Each Wype has a non-slip base, keeping it exactly where you want it. 

How often should I wash my Wype Covers?

As needed. However, each Wype Covers remains effective for about a week of heavy snacking.