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The Wype

The Wype

The Wype is the world’s first desktop snack rag, specially designed to keep your hands and fingers clean as you snack at your computer. 

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Brilliant Benefits

  • Ultra-Plush Microfiber

    The miniature microfiber forest of the Wype absorb grease and remove crumbs, salt, and even Cheeto dust from your fingers. Additionally, the antimicrobial coating makes each Wype a germ-killing, hand-cleaning extravaganza. When the Wype gets dirty just pull off the microfiber, throw it in the laundry, and put a new Wype on.

  • Great For Gaming

    Increase you kill streak, protect your hardware, and become the most efficient gamer on this side of the galaxy by quickly Wype-ing your greasy fingers on the Wype!

  • Enhance Productivity

    According to a study of 10,000 programmers produced by Nim Labs, it takes about 15 minutes on average to resume productivity after an interruption. The need for a fast, effective method to snack while maintaining productivity drove the design refinements in the Wype.


How well does it actually work?

Our specially patented microfiber design has proven to be more effective than your average heavy-duty napkin, paper towel, or pants.

Will the the Wype slide around on my desk?

It has a non-slip rubberized coating to prevent it from sliding when used.

How often should I wash the rags?

1-2 weeks for minimal usage, every week for heavy usage, or as often as needed.

How long does the anti-microbial coating usually last?

It lasts about 4-6 washes. Future Wypes will have a permanent anit-microbial coating

Can I choose the color of the rag?

For the Kickstarter campaign the colors will be random, however after we launch you can choose your own colors.